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Allowed Items/Objects

Revised 11/01/2013

  • Artificial Flowers Are Allowed but Must be in a Vase or Weighted Container.  Any vase or weighted container MUST be on a monument. No flowers will be allowed to be placed directly in the ground. Placing of artificial flowers IS allowed until the flowers become unsightly, faded, torn or in general poor condition. The cemetery staff will remove unsightly flowers without notice.
  • Planting and placing of REAL flowers and grass are allowed and welcomed at all times on your own property.
  • Planting of grass on your own property.
  • Rose bushes, trees, shrubs etc. are allowed to be planted. (Please contact cemetery office BEFORE planting due to water lines and property lines)

Items/Objects Not Allowed

The following items are not allowed at any time:

  • No cedar plants or cedar trees of any kind
  • No coping, curbing, borders, or edging
  •  No wind chimes, shepherds hooks, solar lights, glass or ceramic vases or statues, garden stones, rocks, gravel, bricks, hanging baskets, items hanging in trees, pin wheels, garden flags, flag poles, iron rods in ground, trellises, birdbaths, and any item/object that is found to be objectionable by cemetery management or interferes with the daily maintenance and operation of the cemetery
  • No concrete or wooden markers allowed
Any item on the above list may be removed by the cemetery without notice.

Benches are allowed only with permission of cemetery staff.

The following applies to the placement of benches:

  1. One bench per property
  2. Property must consist of four or more consecutive spaces.
  3. A permit must be issued by the cemetery before a bench may be set.
  4. Bench must fit onto property as not to interfere with the daily operations and maintenance of cemetery.
Any bench that does not meet these guidelines, or that has been found to be set without prior approval of cemetery staff, or without permit, may be removed without notice